Acknowledging the city as a complex and constantly evolving system, MACIA Estudio constructs places, narratives, tools and creative strategies that propose a more dynamic and less static relationship between humans and their environment. It is from designing public space, temporary interventions, workshops and experiences, that MACIA Estudio’s work generates meeting places to imagine, inspire and provoke the construction of community.

To explore open and flexible creative processes and implement collaborative and action-research methodgies that respond to the temporality and context of each project, exposes the commitment of Macia to the normalization of the urban commons, the integration of voices and perspectives and work from the multidisciplinarity.

MACIA Estudio was founded by Leticia Lozano and Mariana Rios.


Leticia is passionate about public space, cities and experience creation. As co-founder and director of Macia, she involves in the development of integral processes that give an answer to urban communities’ real needs and are manifested as placemaking strategies, participation, prototypes or urban public policy recommendations. Leticia has collaborated as an experience designer, creative strategist and play researcher with organizations, governments and universities in Mexico, Italy, UK, Ireland, Czech Republic, Slovenia and Japan. Leticia has been an associate lecturer at UDLAP, UNARTE and CENTRO, as well as speaker at various panels and conferences.

For the past four years, she collaborated with the Lab for the City -— the experimental and creative area of Mexico City’s government— as a Coordinator of Playful City where she studied how play and playfulness can reconfigure urban imaginaries and provoke citizens to take an active role in the process of creating a city.

Leticia has a BArch from UDLAP, with studies in restoration and set design at Politecnico di Torino and an MA in Narrative Environments from CSM, UAL. She is currently a member of the Creative Producers International program, a Salzburg Global International Fellow and writes for various platforms.
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Mariana is an architect interested in public space, spatial perception and the relationship between users in a common ground. Her practice explores the possibilities of architecture, from different scales, in order to create places, experiences and objects that allow new forms of participation, encounter and play. In 2014, she worked at Frida Escobedo’s Architecture Studio and in 2015 she was invited to participate at LABLAX Workshop with UNIANDES and SCI-Arc in Los Angeles, California. In 2016, she collaborated with Tatsuya Inuikawa at his atelier in Brussels developing a series of urban books. In 2018, her proyect “Spatial Impressions” was selected in the 1st International Biennial of Education in Architecture for Children and Young People in Pontevedra, Spain and that summer, this same project was exhibited at the Anahuacalli Museum. Recently, she collaborated with Lab for the City on a publication for designing public play spaces in Mexico City.

Mariana graduated from Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education with studies in Urbanism and Collective Space at the University of Los Andes in Bogotá, Colombia. She was a recipient of the FONCA Young Creators Grant Program during 2017.
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